This page is made for those of you who just want a quick d20 Modern to Pathfinder Conversion on the fly, with minimal actual rulesets involved. Chances are, as time progresses, this page will develop faster than the individual in depth pages as we figure out what to do before we hammer out the details.

Ability ScoresEdit

Ability scores require little to no conversion, so far as I can tell. Therefore, roll (or use point-buy) and distribute as normal.


To be honest, this is somewhat further down the list than it ought to be (before Prestige Classes, I promise). For now, this is a work in progress. All races are as the Pathfinder listing in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, except as follows:


As pathfinder Dwarf, except:

  • +2 Craft (Mechanics), Craft (Structural), and Repair


  • +2 Craft (pharmaceutical)

Note: There is a marked difference between newly arrived Shadowkind and Native Shadowkind. Starting occupations are very limited for newly arrived. However, all newly arrived shadowkind receive a starting wealth of +2 (+2d6) to be spent on fantasy archaic equipment. Any leftover is lost. They also receive Archaic Weapon Proficiency as a bonus feat.


To be completed


Please see the Skills page. Use ranks as per pathfinder rules.


Mostly as Pathfinder, but add appropriate proficiency feats. Remove Item Creation feats. Add Martial Arts feats.Add Action Point Feats.


As per d20 Modern Player's Handbook